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Custom Content Management System (CMS)
development and implementation.

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CMS Implementation

Handshek Infotech has a very good experience in custom content management system (CMS) development and implementation. Through online Content Management System (CMS), you can manage, add, edit your website content from anywhere with an easy interface without knowledge of programming and coding. The best part is that you don’t need any software to update your website content, for updating your content you just need to log on to the admin control panel from where you can add unlimited pages and images in your website.

Handshek Infotech can be your one stop destination when it comes to content management system (CMS) development. Our developers are empowered to offer customization at every level of CMS development. We offer customization in accordance with the specific requirements of our clients where they can offer a platform to a large number of people to access data on any particular field. In addition to that we also offer aid in easy storage and retrieval of stored data. Drupal, Joomla and WordPress are few among the leading CMSs we are working on and are offering customization as well as integration services. Our abilities also allow us to offer our clients with custom CMS. A simple browser based method allows you to update your website easily. By separating content from the layout, you don’t have to rely on a third party to make changes or wait for the changes to update on your live website. The remote web access also allows you to make changes at anytime from any location

Benefits of Custom CMS Development

Our custom Content Management system solutions bring you the following benefits:

  • ● Manage your website from a single, easy-to-use web interface – without any software programming knowledge

  • ● Manipulate existing scripts and customize it as per your need

  • ● Change images, template, data sheets videos, and diagrams to improve appearance of published pages

  • ● Tweak navigation control to enhance ease of use for the users – make your site flexible and effective

  • ● Integrate enhanced security controls, update them, or change the service as per your wish

  • ● Enjoy fast induction of fresh content for better search engine ranking

  • ● Integrate advanced features instantly

  • ● Know statistics – keyword density and page content performance with real time analysis tools

My skills

  • Web design & development 80%
  • Software development 70%
  • ERP Solutions 90%
  • SMS Solutions 60%

Our values

Our mission is to provide highest quality web solutions at affordable prices with fast delivery and excellent customer service.

Our vision is to increase our market share to 56% till the end of second quartal of 2016, by decreasing delivery time for 15%.

By constantly improving quality of our products and hiring more high professional web developers and designers we will increase total product quality by 20%.

Our path to Perfection

It was a long journey to come where we are now. Here is how we started.


Bringing team together

We were just two creative individuals trying to make a living from our greatest passion, web development.


Our first successful project

We made our first step to success by successfully finished our first web development project.


Writing the future

The year has just started and there is a lot work and new projects to do.


Leading company in web development

Hard work, many sleepless nights and great passion for what we do, made us leading company in web industry.

Our Clients