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Hospital Management Software

We are providing this software with best features and usability.

Hospital Management Software

Since we know that there are many hospitals are available in our country and so for every hospital it is very difficult to work manually in hospital. In the real life there are many scenarios occurs in the hospital like Patient Treatment, Manage medical store, Lab management etc. This software helps you how to work with IP (Indoor Patient) and OP (Outdoor Patient) from Patient Admission to Discharge Process.

We are providing the following features in this software :-

1.) Setup:-From Setup menu you can add the following details:

-> Hospital Profile :- Add the hospital details like its name, address, contact number logo etc.
-> Bed Setup :- From Bed Setup you can add the bed details.
-> Department Setup :- Add the department details.
-> Doctor Specialization:- Add Doctor Specialization
-> Room Setup :-Add room no. with details.
-> Service Setting :- Add your service details.
-> Sub Service Setting :- Add your subservice corresponding to the service with prices.Like Blood Test- Rs. 200.00, Urine Test- Rs.- 400.00 etc
-> User Management :- From user management you can register the user with its role.
-> Ward Setup :- Add ward details.

2.) Doctors:-From here you can ceate doctor's profile and see the all the list of registered doctors.
3.) Indoor Patient:-You can perform the following operations:-

-> Patient Admission :- It will show you the registration of IP Patient.
-> Recieve From Patient :- From here you can receive the advance payment of IP Patient and this amount will manage at discharge time.
-> Bed Shifting :- If any IP Patient wants shift bed than you can do it.
-> Billing:- Create the bill of IP Patient services for each day.
-> Discharge Patient :-Finally you can discharge the IP Patient.
-> Patient List :- It will show you the all registered IP Patient.
-> Doctor Wise Patient :- You can see the all list of doctor wise patient.

4.) Outdoor Patient:-You can perform the following operations:-

-> Patient Information :- It will show you the registration of OP Patient.
-> Create Bill:- Create the bill of OP Patient for each services.
-> Information Report :-It will show you the complete information of OP Patient.
-> OP List by Doctor :- Shows the list of OP Patients (OP List by Doctor) .

5.) Backup:-If you want to backup the database than you can do it in this module.
6.) Change Password:-Password change facility is given in this module.

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