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Complete School Management Software

We are providing this software with best features and usability.

Complete School Management Software

School ERP is a window/web based School Management Software that enables school to use and operate many of integrated interrelated modules and manage the administration of school efficiency.Due to its ever growing and competitive nature, the education sector has always been in needed of a quality solution to manage and serve the school resources efficiently.We offer School ERP which simplifies and automates school administration process.The School Management Software is accurate and reliable and fully customised software.

Our Features :-

1.) Master Entry:-From Master entry you add the following details:

-> School Type :- You can add here type of school details.You can also perform all operations like Update and Delete.
-> School Entry :- Add the name of school and you can Save,Update and Delete it.
-> Class Type :- You can add class type
-> Class Entry:- Add name of class like, I,II,III,V,IX etc.
-> Session Entry :-You can add session name from this menu control.
-> Employee Department :- You can add multiple Department name from which any employee belongs.
-> Employee Designation :- From here you can add multiple name of employee designations.
-> Fee Types :- You can addone or more fee types.
-> School Fees Entry :- You can add School Fees Entry
-> Bus Entry :- Add the name of Bus if, school provides the school bus services.
-> Loction Entry :- Add the name of locations
-> Bus Installements :- You can add multiple bus installement name here.
-> Hostel Entry :- Add the name of school.
-> Hostel Installements :- You can add multiple hostel installement name here.
-> Subject Entry :- Add the name of school.
-> Grading Levels :- Add the name of Grading levels. Ex- A+,A,B,B+ etc
-> Exam Groups :- Add Examination group.
-> Book Supplier :- Add the name of book suppliers.
-> Books Classification :- You can add the Book classification name.
-> Books Subcategory :- Add Books Subcategory.
-> Books Category :- Add Books Category.
-> Books Entry :- You can add Multiple Books name.
-> Journal and Magazines :- You can add Journal and Magazines.
-> Student Document :- Add the name of Student document type.

2.) User Registration:-Using Registration you can register multiple user from this module for each user login.
3.) Student Registration:-You can register the student.
4.) Employee Registration:-You can register the employee.
5.) Examination :-School registrar manage the examination here which are helded in the school.
6.) Payroll :-In our payroll module you can manage the Employee Attendance payment, Employee Advance Payment, Salary Payment
7.) Transaction :-You can manage the transaction.
8.) Barcode Generators :-You can generate random and books barcodes for library books.
9.) Logs:-Logs will maintain the all transaction in the software.

10.) Records:-It will show you the all records for:-

-> See the Records of Student
-> List of Employee
-> List of School Fees
-> List Fees Payment List
-> Hostelers and Hostel Fees Payment Records
-> List of Bus Holder Student, Bus Fees Payment for Student, Bus Holder Staff and Bus Fees Payment for Staff
-> List of Due Amount List
-> List of Employee Attendance
-> List of Employee Advance Payment
-> List of Salary Payment
-> List of Book Supplier
-> List of Books
-> List of Books Reservation, Books Issue for Staff and Books Return for Staff
-> List of Subject
-> List of Exam Schedule and its Result

11.) Reports:-You can see here all types of reports:-

-> Student Report
-> Student's Identity Card
-> Fees Due List
-> Employee Report
-> Book Reservation Report
-> Books Issues Report for Students and Staff
-> Books Fine Collection Report for Student and Staff
-> Report for Final Marks Ledger

12.) SMS:-We are providing the SMS facility in this software for sending message to any candidates/staff.
13.) Hostel Fee Payment:-In this module we can mnage the students hostel fees.
14.) Salary Payment:-Manage Salary payment of employee
15.) Backup:-If you want to backup the database than you can do it in this module.
16.) Recovery:-We can recover the database file.
17.) Change Password:-Password change facility is given in this module.

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